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At this state-of-the-art college center, students can earn Associate, Bachelor and Master Degrees or receive advanced technical training in a variety of areas from Kirtland Gaylord M-TEC all on-site at the University Center Gaylord campus. Programs are offered based on both the students' needs and the employers requests from the business and manufacturing communities of Northern Michigan. Through a seamless working relationship between all college partners, students can receive their education without the need to travel great distances.

At University Center Gaylord, students have access to a state-of-the-art computer learning and research laboratory. Class offerings are taught through a variety of methods such as in-class lecture, interactive television courses and Internet on-line courses. Technical training is provided "hands-on" in technical labs. Through the various colleges, students receive full career and employment services.

For more information on the academic programs available, and financial aid steps, contact us at 989 705 3700 or email