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UCMAN Broadband

Connect to your community and the world...
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What is UCMAN?

The University Center Metropolitan Area Network (UCMAN) is a high-peformance Broadband network and Internet service built on reliable and secure fiber-optic and wireless technologies. More important, its a community partnership of Otsego County Government, Gaylord Community Schools and the University Center at Gaylord plus area residents and businesses.

What makes UCMAN special?
UCMAN is a true northern Michigan effort.

Its designed, built, and maintained by people who live and work right here in northern Michigan and all fees paid to UCMAN go toward operation and expansion of the UCMAN network. Gaslight Media, a long established northern Michigan Internet tradition, is UCMAN's Internet service and technology provider.

  UCMAN Other Providers
Internet Connectivity
High Reliability  
24/7 Smart* Monitoring  
24 hour Personal Support  
Better Price/Performance Ratio  
Dedicated IP on all connections  
Network Engineering Support Available  
Community Wireless Hot Spots  

*Active monitoring of individual customer connections

Wireless Connection

UCMAN's residential and small business wireless connections are built using a small outside antenna pointed to a nearby UCMAN wireless access point. These 5 GHz units support reliable and secure connections up to 10 Megabit/sec.

Fiber Connection

UCMAN fiber-optic connections provide the ultimate in bandwidth and service reliability while supporting up to Gigabit rates and the flexibility to adjust local or Internet bandwidth as needed. UCMAN fiber is perfect for interconnecting multiple local offices.

How Do I Connect to UCMAN?

Connecting is as simple as a phone call to the University Center at Gaylord - 989-705-3700.

Remember, UCMAN is your community technology partnership. Joining UCMAN puts you directly in touch with your community, supports continued technology development, and helps keep northern Michigan competitive.