Bachelor of Arts Degree

Elementary and Secondary Education (BA/Post-BA Certification) and Endorsements
Admission to the Elementary or Secondary Education program requires 58 transferable credits and successful completion of MACRAO requirements (or a Bachelor’s Degree). MACRAO is an agreement between 4 year universities and community colleges. Completion of the MACRAO signifies that a student has passed the core curriculum of liberal arts/general education courses.

Elementary Education
The Elementary Education program is for Michigan Certification to teach grades K-5 all subjects, and grades 6, 7, and 8 in the major or minor subject area. Currently, SAU offers majors in Language Arts and Social Studies, and minors in Language Arts, Social Studies and Integrated Science as well as the Early Childhood Education endorsement.* Students must choose either one major or 2 minors in addition to the coursework required for Elementary Certification.

Secondary Education
The Secondary Education program is for Michigan Certifi cation to teach grades 6-12 in the major or minor subject areas. Currently, we offer majors in English and Social Studies and a minor in English. Students must choose one major and one minor or two majors for subject areas in addition to the coursework required for Secondary Education to fulfill program requirements

SAU is accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) and approved by the Michigan Department of Education for certifi cation in Michigan. Spring Arbor University works in conjunction with North Central Michigan College (NCMC) allowing students to dual-enroll each semester, because many courses in the program can be taken from NCMC. Both Elementary and Secondary Education programs typically take a minimum of 2 years to complete if one is enrolled full-time. Currently certifi ed teachers can also earned endorsements in selected subject areas..

Contact Sara Lancaster, Admissions Specialist at 800 366 6624 or sara.lancaster@arbor.edu for more information on the Education degree programs.

Family Life Education • FLE – Spring Arbor University

The bachelor’s in Family Relations Education (FRE) program is accredited by the National Council on Family Relations (NCFR) and endorsed by Focus on the Family. Family Relations Education is an applied field of study with a conceptual foundation drawn from psychology, education, home management, sociology, law, economics, social work, philosophy, biology and theology. The Bachelor of Arts degree is conferred upon successful completion of all graduation requirements.

The FRE major centers on gaining insight into human development, dynamics of relationships, and the science and practice of family relations education and consultation. Further refinement of skills increases this base of knowledge and the student’s ability to assess and analyze human dynamics and skills in communication, interviewing and problem-solving. The major requires 42 credits.

Contact Admissions Specialist, Audra Leininger, at 989 705 3740 or audra@arbor.edu for more information.

The MACRAO Transfer Agreements through Kirtland Gaylord M-TEC and North Central Michigan College allow for smooth transferability of courses among participating Michigan colleges and universities.

It stipulates that 30 semester hours of 100-level and above compatible general coursework will satisfy typical freshman and sophomore-level general education requirements for the bachelor’s degree at participating universities. A KCC or NCMC student who completes the 30 credit hours for the MACRAO Transfer Agreement and who seeks to transfer to another institution must request that Student Services stamp his/her transcript “MACRAO Agreement Satisfied.” Check each school’s policies for further information.