Bachelor Degree Programs

Spring Arbor University

Family Relations Education • FRE

Spring Arbor’s Bachelor of Arts in Family Relations Education program is approved by the National Council on Family Relations (NCFR), and includes coursework which leads to the Certified Family Life Educator (CFLE) designation. It is also endorsed by Focus on the Family. SAU is a national leader in producing alumni who become Certified Family Life Educator.

Students will gain knowledge relevant to family living, explore personal attitudes and values, and gain practical experience. Course subjects include social class and the family, ethnicity, family theory, and critical analysis and research writing.

The bachelor’s in Family Relations Education (FRE) program is accredited by the National Council on Family Relations (NCFR) and endorsed by Focus on the Family. Family Relations Education is an applied field of study with a conceptual foundation drawn from psychology, education, home management, sociology, law, economics, social work, philosophy, biology and theology.

Organizational Management

A Bachelor of Science in Organizational Management program provides expertise in management, human dynamics and organizational development for business and public administration. The program takes a systems approach to the problems, principles and practices of management, incorporating conceptual and theoretical knowledge.

Nursing – RN to BSN Completion

The RN-BSN degree completion program prepares professional nurses to contribute service and leadership to diverse communities. The program is based on the belief that students, as adult learners, are committed to the application of liberal arts and nursing knowledge based on scientific principles to make reasoned choices in their service to others.

Social Work

The blended 52-credit hour Bachelor of Social Work program prepares students to provide social services to individuals, families, organizations and communities.

Through the program, students will explore the philosophical underpinnings of social work, including the values of service, social and economic justice, the inherent dignity and worth of the person, the importance of human relationships,  and integrity and competence in practice.  The program is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE).  

Career Opportunities for Social Work graduates

  • Adoption and foster care agencies
  • Substance and alcohol addiction care
  • Juvenile justice and correction
  • Medical social work
  • Domestic violence prevention
  • Mental health agencies
  • Refugee programs
  • Residential geriatric facilities
  • Youth/child support
  • Health and wellness agencies
  • Community and development
  • Family and child services 

The 47-credit hour Bachelor of Science in Business program at Spring Arbor University provides students with a broad range of educational preparation for careers in business or for continued study in graduate school.

Offered through SAU’s Gainey School of Business, this program balances professional preparation with a liberal arts education, and quantitative skills with the application of business theory to the workplace.  Emphases include a  breadth of practical skills and theoretical knowledge designed to meet the needs of students seeking a general business background. 

Career Opportunites for Busines Graduates

  • Business-manufacturing, retail, healthcare, consulting, accounting, sales, administration and banking.
  • Service Agencies-law enforcement, health services, corrections, community health organizations, religious organizations and fire departments.

Northwood University


The mission of the Entrepreneurship program is to provide students with a well-rounded education in business enterprise models and entrepreneurial bases. By combining a rigorous academic curriculum, leadership development, experiential learning, and relationships with industry leaders, graduates prepare to become tomorrow’s entrepreneurs.

Hospitality Management

The mission of the Hospitality Management program is to provide students with a well-rounded education, experience, and career preparation for tomorrow’s hospitality executives. With specialized courses, students receive a solid business management core and collegiate curriculum requirements to create a diverse education.


The mission of the Management program is to provide students with a well rounded education in general management.  The Management program is designed to integrate a foundation of business education and expertise that prepares graduates for a variety of professional business careers.

Madonna University

Social Work

The Bachelor of Social Work is designed to prepare students for entry-level professional employment in the human service field and for graduate professional education. This degree combines skills-building and theoretical content with a broad liberal arts foundation and is nationally accredited by the Council on Social Work Education.


At University Center Gaylord, students have access to a state-of-the-art computer learning and research laboratory. Class offerings are taught through a variety of methods such as in-class lecture, interactive television courses and Internet on-line courses. Technical training is provided “hands-on” in technical labs. Through the various colleges, students receive full career and employment services.

The MACRAO Transfer Agreements through Kirtland Gaylord M-TEC allow for smooth transferability of courses among participating Michigan colleges and universities.

It stipulates that 30 semester hours of 100-level and above compatible general coursework will satisfy typical freshman and sophomore-level general education requirements for the bachelor’s degree at participating universities. A Kirtland Community College student who completes the 30 credit hours for the MACRAO Transfer Agreement and who seeks to transfer to another institution must request that Student Services stamp his/her transcript “MACRAO Agreement Satisfied.” Check each school’s policies for further information.