Certifications & Degrees

At the University Center Gaylord you will find diverse opportunities to begin your higher education, complete your higher education or advance your degree:

The degree information included is subject to change without notice. It is recommended that students consult an academic advisor from their college or university of interest to review specific and current degree information.

General Education Courses

Every college requires 100 and 200 level General Education courses to enhance the academic foundation for higher learning.  Gen Ed classes can include writing, speech,  social studies, math and humanities.  At the University Center Gaylord, Kirtland Gaylord M-TEC offer many general education classes during the day and also in the evening.

Students who attend college elsewhere can take summer classes at the University Center to transfer back to their ‘home’ college or university.  Each UC partner welcomes student inquiries about particular classes…….if there is enough interest in a specific class, they are happy to add it to their schedule.

Guest students must complete a Michigan Undergraduate Guest Application : Michigan Guest Student Application Form

Dual Enrollment And MACRAO Transfer Agreements


High School students can earn college credit through dual enrollment at Kirtland Gaylord M-TEC.  High school advisor permission is required for a student to be dual enrolled in both High School and college classes each semester.

Complete MTA  Agreements

The Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA) through Kirtland Gaylord M-TEC allow for smooth transferability of courses among participating Michigan colleges and universities.

The Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA) was designed to facilitate the transfer of general education requirements from one institution to another. Students may complete the Michigan Transfer Agreement as part of an associate’s degree or as a stand-alone package at a Michigan community college.  It stipulates that 30 semester hours of 100-level and above compatible general coursework will satisfy typical freshman and sophomore-level general education requirements for the bachelor’s degree at participating universities.  Check each school’s policies for further information.